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WIN with Agrecovery! Rinse Return Reward$ standard

Win one of ten $500 vouchers to spend with your preferred rural supplier! Simply recycle your eligible plastic containers with Agrecovery at 70 collection sites nationwide during February and March 2013. Agrecovery Container recycling provides a safe and fully compliant programme for the recycling of plastic agrichemical, biological, animal health and dairy hygiene containers. Containers from 59 participating brand owners are FREE to recycle through Agrecovery. Containers must be empty, triple rinsed and 60 litres or under in size. To be eligible containers must still have their label on. Every collection receipt issued by an Agrecovery Collection site during February and March 2013 constitutes an entry into the draw. You automatically become a member of Agrecovery by using the programme. ...

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Beef + Lamb backs Agrecovery standard

Hot on the heels of Federated Farmers announcement last week about its role as Business Manager for the Agrecovery Foundation, another organisation in pastoral farming, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, is ramping up support for the Agrecovery rural recycling programme. Beef + Lamb General Manager Farm, Richard Wakelin says our clean-green image and reputation is at stake every day. He says the goalposts are continually shifting, with consumers increasingly concerned about animal welfare and how goods are produced. With this in mind, the organisation is supporting the Agrecovery Rural Recycling programme in its drive to encourage more farmers to recycle their farm plastics. “Beef + Lamb New Zealand is right behind Agrecovery because it’s a perfect fit with good management ...

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Rural recycling revolution – Federated Farmers standard

Source: Federated Farmers 4th December 2012 The uptake of on-farm recycling has received a major boost with Federated Farmers and the Agrecovery Foundation, actively joining forces to increase farmer involvement in the Agrecovery recycling programme. “Federated Farmers stands for profitable sustainable farming. This is a serious advancement that will improve New Zealand farming’s environmental footprint,” says Conor English, Federated Farmers Chief Executive. “Federated Farmers new role is as ‘Business Manager’ for the Foundation. This role was previously held by Horticulture NZ but Agrecovery has increased its scope. “The Agrecovery Foundation provides farmers and horticulturalists with an environmentally appropriate way to dispose of unwanted chemicals and containers, silage wrap and even, crop protection netting. “Each year, more than ten million litres ...

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Waste to be avoided by new shelf life rules standard

The following items outline the issues and new rules around shelf life expiry dates. Clear up confusion over shelf life statements Source: – January 2012 Eighty-six percent of over 1000 Sunday Star-Times readers polled said they bought food and threw it away, despite rising costs at the checkout. Food past its use-by date makes up nearly half of what is thrown out. A zero-waste advocate said that food was routinely thrown out before it went off because people mistake best-before dates for use-by dates. Wasting food was bigger than just a personal cost issue, because it also wasted the efforts of producing, packaging and transporting it. Snap! Exactly the same situation happens with agrichemicals. People are discarding or returning ...

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2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy Award Launched standard

2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming Award Launched Māori sheep and beef farmers who compete in the 2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming award this year will be part of the competitions 80th anniversary commemorations. Entry for the competition is now open following its launch by the Minister of Māori Affairs, Hon Dr Pita Sharples at the Federation of Māori Authorities conference in Taupo on Saturday November 3th 2012. The Minister also launched the Ahuwhenua Young Maori Trainee/Cadet competition, the first for young Maori sheep and beef farmers. This award was introduced last year for young Maori dairy farmers. The Ahuwhenua Trophy competition mirrors the increasing significance and success of Māori enterprise in the New Zealand ...

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Container collection in Darfield standard

Agrecovery is holding a FREE collection event for recycling triple rinsed plastic containers in Darfield. PGG Wrightson, 1 Ross Street, Darfield Thursday 6 December, 10am – 3pm Your containers must be: Plastic, up to and including 60 litres in size Empty and triple-rinsed Free from chemical residue inside & out Clean from dirt & other organic contamination Product label left on Lids and wire or plastic pail handles removed From participating brand owners (click here for a list of brand owners) Eligible containers from participating brand owners are free to recycle. Containers from non-brand owners can be accepted with an Agrecovery user-pays sticker, available on the day at a cost of $2.00 + GST per 10 litre container. All containers ...

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New Invercargill collection site standard

PGG Wrightson in Invercargill is supporting the push for sustainability and environmental best practice with the opening of an Agrecovery Container collection site at their Dee Street store. There are more than 70 Agrecovery collection sites nationwide including existing Southland sites in Gore, Winton and Lumsden but this is the first Invercargill site, allowing farmers, growers and contractors in the area easy access to this free recycling programme. The Agrecovery Container programme offers a sustainable recycling solution for empty triple rinsed plastic containers up to and including 60 litres. The collected agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene containers are then shredded by a mobile processing truck and processed into underground electrical cable covers here in New Zealand. PGG Wrightson has ...

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Plastic recycling volume doubles standard

The Agrecovery Rural Recycling programme has experienced unprecedented growth over the last two years, with collection of waste plastics reaching record levels. Container plastic collected and sent for recycling by Agrecovery in the 12 months to June 2012 was 157,390kg. “This represents growth of 30% over the previous twelve months,” says Graeme Peters, chair of the Agrecovery Foundation. “Combined with growth of 49% from the twelve months prior to that, we’ve nearly doubled the volume of plastic collected in two years. It’s a great result.” The container recycling programme, which began in 2007, accepts plastic agrichemical, biological, animal health and dairy hygiene containers from 1 to 60 litres in size at more than 70 collection sites across the country. The ...

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